Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is an entrepreneur who failed an "advanced entrepreneur?"

We all know the saying, "We learn from our mistakes." Most people claim they learn more from mistakes than they do from successes. I don't believe this is true. Instead, I believe this is usually a way for a person to "psych" him or herself up after making a mistake that is very costly. Too often, an entrepreneur who started a business that failed blames the failure on outside circumstances or forces, not on mistakes made by the entrepreneur.

On the other hand, most entrepreneurs who have a successful business can readily state the decisions or actions taken by the entrepreneur that caused the success. An entrepreneur who has the courage to face up to mistakes made that caused a failure is likely to be a success the next time around.

For this reason, knowledgeable investors appreciate an entrepreneur who admits mistakes he or she made in the past and states clearly what was learned from these mistakes. Further, an entrepreneur who suffered through a business failure and has the courage to try again is my kind of entrepreneur. This entrepreneur is an "advanced entrepreneur" just as much as one who succeeded the first time.

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  1. "Some entrepreneurs failed to ''advance'' as they not spending enough time to hire the correct subcontractors, they not having adequate systems
    and procedures in place and then winning a big order.
    ''The YES Movie'', documentary of today successful entrepreneurs. Louis Lautman"