Saturday, March 7, 2009

Advanced entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship covers a broad spectrum of business activity. Most entrepreneurship programs focus on startup businesses. Yet, the greatest impact that training in entrepreneruship can have is on businesses that are well beyond the startup stage. This is especially true for entrepreneurship programs that are part of MBA programs.

So, why don't MBA programs focus on "advanced" entrepreneurial businesses where having an MBA can truly make a difference to those businesses? Think about it. The characteristics of a successful startup entrepreneur are very different than the subjects covered in the MBA program. My observation is that most people who get an MBA don't have the characteristics to be a successful startup entrepreneur. However, they do have the characteristics to develop an entrepreneurial business once it is of a size that it has the resources to employ an MBA and the resources to implement changes in the organization and strategy recommended by the MBA.

Most entrepreneurial businesses don't have a member of senior management who has an MBA until it decides to engage a COO, CFO or CMO with an MBA. Shouldn't the MBA entrepreneurship programs provide thought provoking courses that prepare the MBA for these positions?